About Laughzilla:
Creator: Yasha Harari
publisher ~(at)~ thedailydose.com — for press, media, site features, business, advertising and fan mail.


Note: You have the privilege of reprinting Laughzilla’s cartoons in many places (newspapers, web blogs, presentations, research, fan sites, etc). If you’re not outright selling our stuff, you’re probably OK. Just be nice and attribute the comic to laughzilla.com.laughzilla on blue checkered background  If you have public questions or comments about Laughzilla, you may want to share them on various social media. Related sites: The Daily DoseOy Vey. Laughzilla updates without fail every day that it does. Some days go by without an edition. There is no ombudsman for this inequity. We are not the government. Nobody made you consume this slice of the interwebz.Who is Laughzilla?

Laughzilla was chosen as first finder and editor of great links for The Daily Dose when The Daily Dose began. He dug too far and created his own website and mission, and quickly established himself as a leader in photo mashups, webcomics and cartooning. Laughzilla remains the cartoonist in chief at The Daily Dose, and enjoys every minute of it.

What else do you do?
I do stuff.

How did Laughzilla start?
On October 29, 1996, Yasha Harari was working too hard at a tech/media lobby during the first Internet wave. In order to relieve some stress, he emailed a joke and a funny link from Laughzilla from inside the K Street corridor to a few of his friends. It spread like wildfire. The Daily Dose and Laughzilla have been known quantities ever since.

Is Laughzilla wholesome?
Sure. If you mean, healthy as a glass of water. It is well known that laughter is the best medicine. So in fact, the stuff Laughzilla publishes here, on The Daily Dose and elsewhere, is quite probably the best medicine you ever consume.

Why does your site look weird in my browser?

It’s your fault. We are not in the business of fixing your tech issues. If you’re using any Microsoft product, there’s your answer. If not, you should know better.

Because we’re nice, we are letting you know that this site is regularly tested in Chrome and Firefox and on the Google Android browser, and it works fine in all of those.

Can we print Laughzilla art in our magazine/newspaper/other publication?
Not-for-profit publications need no permission — just print them with attribution to laughzilla.com and please let us know about it. Any for-profit operation, ask by email and I will probably give you permission. You may republish Laughzilla in your blog (whether ad-supported or not) with no need to get my permission, as long as you credit Laughzilla.com – and please let us know about it.

How can I reach you?
Email. See the top of this page.

Can I suggest a cartoon or joke or video?
No, and if you do, I may use submitted comic ideas and I know about every company making time-waster products and any story about technology and get-rich-slow schemes.

How can I find the date a comic was posted?
We list the comics of the past few years in our Archive in chronological order, and we use Google Search across our site, letting you search our cartoons jokes and video by keyword, phrase, etc.

Is there an interface for automated systems to access comics and metadata?
Yes. Various RSS feeds are available on Laughzilla and other sites that republish Laughzilla, including blogger, wordpress and feedburner.

Is Laughzilla translated?
Laughzilla is translated into Laughzillian, a language spoken only by the creator of the cartoons, and those translations are kept in a secure encrypted time capsule. Aside from that, translating humor is in fact an enormous task, namely because of the time it takes to translate the funny across language and culture barriers, so no.

Can I work for Laughzilla?

Can I intern or volunteer for Laughzilla?

How does Laughzilla create his artwork? It all seems so … odd.
Laughzilla draws his cartoons and comic strips on paper (Aaaaauuugghhh!) with a pencil, then ink, then scanned. The jokes are written by the master wordsmith in charge. Other funny images and jokes not created by Laughzilla but featured on the site are submitted by users, and we are not responsible for their level of unfunniness.

How do you determine what is funny enough to publish?
Through a proprietary algorhythm of Science and Art, our publication is able to conceive, judge, render, produce, publish and monetize the most luxurious of funny content streams available exclusively to anyone with an internet connection, even if you don’t have a sense of Hugh Moore.

What is your favorite scientific discovery?
String Theory, because it can tie you up in knots that only your noodle can undoodle. That, and the electric nose hair plucker. And since you only asked for one, here’s a third: Anti-gravity / weightlessness chambers, because everyone needs to have their spirits lifted every once in a while, and just like Laughzilla, flying chambers do that – except you have to wear a silly suit, helmet and goggles in those weightless rooms, whereas consuming the humor of Laughzilla lets you achieve the same effect no matter what you are wearing.


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