Annan Assad Cease-Fire in Syria Caricature

April 10th came and went, and there was no sign of a cease-fire in Syria. April 12th came and went and there was no sign of military withdrawal from city centers and population centers in Syria. Despite the guns falling mostly silent, there were various acts of violence on both sides in the first 24 hours, but in general the peace plan was seen as “holding, if barely”. Still, all predictions by analysts were that most likely, the fighting would return, and with a vengeance. And so they began pushing for international monitors to be on the ground, to know whether or not the cease-fire was actually holding.

Only time would tell whether or not the diplomatic deal would hold, or if the rather uncivil war would turn into a full fledged revolution that the government would be bent on quashing. The Syrian Army and Air Force would have used the respite to rest, re-arm, and re-supply their forces in the field. More bloodshed was presumed inevitable.

With satire in mind, Laughzilla drew this classic caricature of the Annan Assad Cease Fire in Syria cartoon for The Daily Dose originally on April 12, 2012, in full color, for your tearful bemusement.

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