Climatology in the year 2213

What Professor Penguin Proved

How flightless fowl found proof of climate change

It does not matter whether or not you are a climatology expert. It does not matter if you understand how clouds form, or how the ozone layer protects life on Earth, or why CFCs and other chemical compounds damage the thin blue layer that keeps Earthly life from dying in the cold, dark void of space.

What matters is that we can all laugh at our impending doom, at least if it’s self-made from the power of human ignorance and our brutal relationship with nature.

Although an overwhelming majority of climate scientists have recently observed, recorded and reported data to the United Nations, concluding in their findings that humans are causing climate change at an alarming rate, the report itself was not a funny read. And it does not matter which side (if any) you take in the decades-long debate over whether or not climate change is humanity’s fault, or even if it’s real at all.

However, the climatologists’ report to the UN may be funnier to consider that just a couple of centuries from now, there may not be much left of humanity, and that other species may inherit the Earth. This op-ed webcomic considers the possibility that penguins may become the next sentient species, and their own climatologists may, in short order, learn to demonstrate the changes in Earth’s environment over time, just as current environmental scientists demonstrate the levels of rainfall and growth in trees over millennia.

Thus, this editorial cartoon was drawn by Laughzilla and published at the behest of people who care about laughing as much as they care about life on Earth.

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