The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Obama Would Charter for Snowden and Top 10 Obama Hunting Snowden Jokes

What The American President Wants

Top Ten Things Barack Obama would do to bring Edward Snowden home to Face American Justice

10. Send a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to pick him up. Even better if it’s a first generation model that has not yet been refurbished with the “safer” battery container.

9. Negotiate a swap with the Russians. They send Snowden back to America, and the United States will send Putin a diplomatic Thank-You card.

8. Haiku: Obama wants him. Putin wants to return him … for a big, fat price.

7. Make a cool and trendy video to appeal to the younger electorate that explains why using the full weight of the United States’ government to capture one scared and lonely whistleblower is as patriotic and as American as apple pie.

6. Force another airplane carrying a head of state on a flight out of Moscow, to land in a U.S.-friendly territory in order to violate international diplomatic protocols.

5. Compel the Dreamliner manufacturer to donate a Boeing 787 to the national airline of whichever country manages to help delivery Mr. Snowden to the Americans.

4. Issue an executive order that makes it illegal for Edward Snowden to fly on any airliner other than a Boeing 787.

3. Three Words: Use “alegal” methods, like those used at the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay.

2. Given the austere state of the economy, promise not to press for too much scrutiny of the numerous Boeing 787 accidents, as long as the jetplane maker can assure President Obama that Mr. Snowden may or may not survive the long-haul flight back home in one of their Dreamliners.

… and the #1 thing Barack Obama would do to bring Edward Snowden to Face American Justice is:

1. Find a way to capture Edward Snowden and at the same time blame it on former President George W. Bush.

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