Hebrew Flight from Egypt Or Syrians Fleeing Occupy Exodus Humor

Passover reminds us of the great suffering of the Hebrew People at the hands of the Pharaoh in Egypt. In 2012, it also reminded us of the great suffering the people of Syria had to contend with at the hands of their modern day Pharaoh (sans any Wonders of the World) as Bashar Assad slaughtered men, women, children, young and old alike, in his effort to “quell terrorists” who opposed his brutal rule.

And so it was, that Laughzilla made this Hebrews Or Syrians Fleeing Occupy Exodus cartoon for The Daily Dose originally on April 7, 2012, in the full color, for your enjoyment. Always value your freedom. The cartoon was made in support of the #OccupyExodus movement, because not only the top 1% of refugees should own more than half of all the exodus resources and entitlements.

Once you’ve reached your Promised Land of freedom, be sure to go to Laughzilla’s Shop, where you can freely browse and shop for some of the best things liberty can buy. Good laughs, for one thing. Cool merchandise, another.

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