By the end of March, 2012, The UN had send its former Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to Damascus, in order to try to broker a peace deal that would put an end to the year old lopsided war raging in Syria.

Bashar Assad, to no one’s surprise, was up to the political game, and did his part to play the king, despite officially being only a president.

And so it was, that Bashar the Butcher, probably buckling under internal pressures from his rather angry British-born wife, Asma, formally accepted what was to become known as The Six Point Plan. This plan included:

1) Stop Using Snipers

2) A daily 2 hour Halt to Fighting

3) Don’t Mistreat Captives

4) Cease Fire!

5)  Don’t Shell Reporters

6) Target Peace Talks

These 6 points, of course, were twisted in meaning by the dictator of Damascus, and Laughzilla highlighted the ways in which the plan perceived by the Syrian regime in this How Assad Accepts the UN Six Point Plan editorial cartoon. The comic drawing was made in an effort to contribute art to the #OccupyNGOs movement, because the top 1% of NGOs should not own more than half of all the crises.

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