In Memoriam : Nelson Mandela caricature and Madiba jokes

Nelson Mandela : How Madiba changed himself to change his country, and impacted the world

Mandela : From Gunman to Stateman

In his later years, Nelson Mandela, aka: Madiba, became the heart and soul of South Africa, through the anti-apartheid movement. That was the agenda he pushed forward from his youth, until South Africa’s rebirth as a nation free of Constitutional racism, and white minority rule over the majority black population.

In honor of Mr. Mandela’s contribution to peaceful political activism, and in spite of his use of violence as a tactic for fighting apartheid when he founded the African National Congress (ANC), Laughzilla penned this editorial cartoon about the man, the myth, the legend who now “belogs to the ages”, as US President Barack Obama said in the hours after news broke of Madiba’s passing on December 5, 2013.

27 years in prison on Robin Island was easy compared to living with Winnie Mandela for 2 years before he was incarcerated and 2 years after he was released.

The revolutionary freedom fighter Nelson Mandela was to apartheid what Fidel Castro was to Cuba’s capitalist culture of yore.

Mandela Haikus:
Nelson Mandela. Won freedom. Served his people. Then he retired.

Madiba bio: Terrorist. Jail bird. Symbol. Father figure. Gone.

South Africa’s free, thanks to Nelson Mandela, and F.W.

Curious: How many of the Artists United Against Apartheid who performed and appeared in Stephen van Zandt’s 1986 “Sun City” hit protest song and music video, have since played in that infamous resort, since South Africa was reformed in 1994?

Source: Laughzilla

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