Oh yeah … it  was a rough Spring for Lady Gaga.

She had a hard time touring in SouthEast Asia because of all the crazy Muslim extremists who found her on-stage girations and titillations too tempting to trust in their closed-minded cultures.  So, she ended up going, and on-site, cancelling her most advertised gigs in Indonesia.

Fortunately for her local devotees, aka: little monsters, she managed to attend various venues of variety shows and other events held in her honor. However, reports are that she was unable to do what you want, like play online poker or do anything fun aside from shake it with some local transgender folks who were flattered that she would spend any time with them.

Of course, when it comes to fun, the Queen of Clubs and the Poker Face champion knows that one of the easiest ways to be entertained is to play some poker games and enjoy the rounds of card shuffling that go along wtih any good deal.

As far as this cartoon goes, Laughzilla penned this caricature of the famous pop star because, well, it was about time. Combining her likeness with her cartoonish qualities, various elements of her personna were included into the illustration, which, of course, were served here purely to please.


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