Mouseboy and Naughty Unicorn

A painful snapshot from back to fore

How politicians kick the can down the road

Mouseboy, the uncelebrated baby rodent boy, is seen here with his hands behind his back, apparently trying to ease the pain of having been poked hard and tossed by the blue and purple naughty unicorn, seen in the background.

The expression of kicking the can down the road is a familiar expression in Washington, DC, where politicians have made a habit, even a tradition, of putting off important decisions. Rather, they merely change the date by when they must deal with the issue. And when they get to that date, once again, like magic, they do so again.

In this webcomic drawing, our protagonist, Mouseboy, is wearing a diaper. There is also a house in the background, as well as a tree. Some rocks and flowers, and even various insects, can be seen throughout the picture. Art critics have theorized that this represents the constant evolution of life, which is all around us, even (and especially) in the smallest details. “All creatures, great and small …”

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Maybe you love mouse-men hybrids. Maybe you’ve always hated them, even before you were ever aware of Mickey Mouse. Shmaybe you would love them if you only gave them half a chance. Maybe you’re just too darned indecisive for your own good. Maybe you deserve to have the Naughty Unicorn smack you in the behind with that magical nose horn.

This op-ed comic was illustrated by Laughzilla and published upon request by fans of the Mouseboy character, as well as those who support the malfeasance and mischief of one Naughty Unicorn – the bane of those to whom you would ask “Why the long face?”

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