So I switched over to the new Timeline profile layout on facebook yesterday, and noticed it had a Map featured prominently at the top of the page.

Curiosity called and I looked at the Map, which included pinpoints of various places it believes I may have been.

Interestingly enough, one of those places was London, England, United Kingdom.

Now, if you look at the screenshot i posted above, you will notice that that most capitol of British cities is located in Mexico.

Of course that in itself is a FAIL on the new facebook layout. However, the humor continues.

If you look at whose map is being served, you will notice that it is none other than Microsoft bing – the failing search engine and web app competitor to google. ┬áThat’s right. this FAIL only occurred thanks to some level of bugs at that software company from Redmond, Washington, USA.

The fact that Microsoft bing puts London, England in Mexico, explains why it is no wonder that Microsoft bing employees love scheduling meetings in “London” and packing a sombrero for the trip.

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