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Monkeying Around with Economic Politics is Bananas

This cartoon monkey represents a return to the comic stylings of Laughzilla on

OK, so it’s not quite the famed “Jesus Scream” remix by Laughzilla from the Summer of ‘012. All the same, it’s geared at bringing to light the issue of the day from the cartoonist-at-small.

Inspired by the cute little simians surrounding him, Laughzilla popped up with this quick list of reasons to ape for hope in the human mess called society.

1. Monkeys can count.

3. Really well.

5. In fact, simians can count so well, that even with their standard deviation for errors, they are able to do math better than Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff.

2. Don’t believe just anyone. Ask yourself this: If monkeys are worse than humans at implementing fiscal policy, then why are there no monkeys whining for a bailout?

4. Monkeys know that four bananas are better than two, or even three.

6. Monkeys don’t need spreadsheets to make a massive mess. They can do that all on their own, flinging their messy droppings everywhere.

6. Monkeys are not innumerate. Monkeys are even smarter than mathematics idiot savants. Monkeys have mastered the science and art of making pretentious humans who have high academic degrees, care for them around the clock, in white lab coats.

7. No monkey in the modern era has yet to lead a state to the brink of bankruptcy.

9. If humans were as capable of monkeys, then why did we need to invent clothes, weapons and politics? To defend ourselves from the more capable and powerful simians, of course.

10. Sometimes simians seem smarter. That’s usually just when some humans are smart enough to realize it.

Source: Laughzilla


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