Oh yeah … lil’ Kim Jong-Il is dead. Just in time for the winter holidays. Ain’t life grand?

What will North Korea do now that the son of their Eternal Leader has gone on to meet his maker?

Of course, we couldn’t send him off without denigrating his life or at least his life one more time, because he’s a schmuck and he doesn’t deserve a loving eulogy from the likes of Laughzilla.

Maybe it’s impolitic of us, and we are only too happy to offend his so-called supporters.

He was not a good man. He was a terrible leader. Worse yet, he maintained an awful outmoded sense of style that offended the sensibilities of any decent person … although in his lowly defense, at least he was great for caricatures and jokes.

We’ll miss you, Kim Jong-Il … not so much.

Good riddance, you evildoer.




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