Purim 5772 in the Hebrew Calendar arrived with yet another round of aggressive words flying between Tehran, Jerusalem and Washington, DC.

Given the heated expressions of antagonism, is it really any wonder that Laughzilla illustrated the situation as a Venn Diagram, to clearly demonstrate the thing that ties the Americans, Israelis and Iranians all together? The US and Israeli forecast of a Nuclear Iran is presented to you in full color.

This cartoon was drawn and illustrated for Oy Vey and The Daily Dose on the eve of Purim 2012, and has been making analysts and media junkies laugh ever since.

Now that you’ve had your hilarity diet fulfilled for the moment, why not go get yourself a copy of one of Laughzilla’s Cartoon Books? They’re healthy, and good for everyone in the family … except that curmudgeon who hates to laugh and stays locked up in the basement, by choice.

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