What Laughzilla’s Challenge Wants From You!

Electricity is in the air, when the monster of laughs challenges you to a funny contest.

Why now?

The world needs more laughter. There is no shortage of reports that proves this.

That’s why Laughzilla’s Challenge Wants You to Sign Up to Serve the Cause and be Victorious Over the ENEMY: Dull, apathetic, careless, matter of fact, unintentional and even intentional anti-humor that is definitely not funny.

If you think you have what it takes to be published by Laughzilla, go ahead … submit your own cartoon, a one-liner joke and a longer joke of your preference. Submit your best stuff, because Laughzilla is rarely ever impressed by anyone’s latest regurgitated joke or cartoon or comic strip.

So just visit Laughzilla’s Submit A Joke page and send in your joke and your cartoon.

Because … you’re not funny.  Are you?

Source: Laughzilla

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Do you have thoughts on the editorial cartoon and joke challenge on this page? What you think matters here with Laughzilla, so please, let us know in the Comments below, and share it to your favorite social networks or other virtual real estate.

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