Why You May Not Know What’s Worth A Ban

Top 5 Worst Things Not To Ban Especially When It Seems Right

5) The sound of scratching fingernails on the blackboard. Believe it or not, to some people, the sound is calming, even therapeutic.

4) Axe body spray. Because New Jersey needs to have some kind of trade with the British and Dutch.

3) The word Nazi and the use of Nazi symbols in Israel. Because to outlaw such symbols only emboldens the idiots who cheapen, exploit or adhere to the effects of that failed, idiotic ideology of racial supremacy and hate.

2) Iran from Geneva II. Because despite Ban’s ban, if the sugar daddy of Syria’s Assad regime won’t discuss a transition government in peace talks with the opposition, then they’ll only be shooting their own PR in the foot … if they attend.

… and the #1 Worst Thing Not To Ban …

1) Bans. Because restricting the right to ban things would be bad for people who love to take the Mickey out of any such prohibition.

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