Q: Is it true that London loves laughs, live? Specifically, do Londoners and folks visiting London, really enjoy a good comedy act or other humor-driven event? A: Yes, it’s true. And there’s plenty of evidence to demonstrate the proof.

On this page is some of that evidence, in the form of details about some of the best upcoming comedy acts in the London comedy scene.

Upcoming Comedy Acts in London (and across the UK and Europe) in 2019

If you needed any proof that the world’s hottest and biggest comedy acts love to perform in England’s capitol, you need but take a look at Gigsberg’s Comedy page. As you can see in the screenshot pictured above, it’s filled with upcoming shows you can attend, including Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr, Mia Skaringer, Alex Agney, Bill Bailey, Russell Kane, Jimmy Carr and more.

And many of those acts have, do and will perform again in London. Because they know that Londoners are some of the best people to have in attendance at a comedy show, a stand up act, a festival of fun, or any other honourable humor event.

And again, it’s all because London loves laughs. This is a fact that can not be denied by anyone studied in the cultural life and aware of the pulse and the vibe of the city as it was before and as it is now, and where it’s going in the future

London, after all, is the cultural epicenter of a nation whose roots have a long history with humor living at the heart of life in the United Kingdom.

Since so very long ago, when there were court jesters running around across the kingdom, for centuries on end, the people of the British Isles have been avid and engaged audiences, when it comes to watching the worst and best people in comedy, brave to take to the stage, armed with little more than their wit, if not any theatrical props.

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